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Bike-sharing Coming to San Diego

May 12, 2022

Bike-sharing Coming to San Diego

A bike-sharing company could be coming to San Diego as early as Spring if Mayor Jerry Sanders has his way. The Mayor is currently in talks with three companies vying for the bicycle rental permit: B-Cycle, Bike Nation, and the Sandvault Group, but others could be entering the bid as well. The goal is to create a bike rental and sharing system in the coastal communities and downtown. Bike-sharing programs continue to increase in popularity across the country and around the world. Cities such as Denver, Washington D.C., and Chicago have already had great success with the system. New York, Miami, Boulder, and Portland have just started using bike programs as well. But unlike other cities, San Diego is expected to operated solely on private entities and essentially will cost tax payers nothing.The goal of the initiative is to assist San Diegans in cutting back on car use and give public transportation users another option. Hopefully, San Diego will embrace the program as much as other cities have.

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