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3 Feet for Cyclists Becomes Law Next Week

May 12, 2022

3 Feet for Cyclists Becomes Law Next Week

The Three Feet for Safety Act, passed last year by Legislature, is a California law that goes into effect next week. Drivers will be required to maintain a distance of three feet when passing cyclists on the road. However, if a driver is unable to give a cyclist 3 feet due to traffic or road conditions (including the weather and width of the highway), the driver must slow to a reasonable speed and pass when doing so would not endanger the bicyclist. Violations of the law will be around $35. If the violation causes a collision and injury to the bicyclist, then the fine is $220. 

California Highway Patrol officials have said that the emphasis in the first few months will be to educate drivers on the law, not to write a lot of tickets. The law aims to help prevent more automobile-cyclist injuries. Let's hope that in San Diego, where cycling is a popular activity, it does not cause more automobile-cyclist confrontations in the process.

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