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The beautiful flower gardens of Quail Gardens and the Self-Realization Center are some of my favorite areas.

Welcome to Encinitas

The vibrant city now known as Encinitas was named "Encina Canada" by the Governor of Baja, Gaspar de Portola, in 1669. The name means “Hills of Live Oaks," in Spanish. The different sub areas of Encinitas were named later. Olivenhain, which means, "Olive Groves," in German, was settled by, of course, German immigrants. Cardiff by the Sea was named by English settlers after an area in Wales. Leucadia was named by English Spiritualists after an island in Greece. It means, “Isle of Paradise,” or “Place of Shelter.” The neighborhoods of this area were named after the Greek Gods. Thus you have Neptune, Hygeia, etc. as long streets running through Coastal Encinitas. Prior to this Mexican and European history, the Native Americans who called this area their home were the La Jollans, the Dieguenos, and the San Dieguitos.
Encinitas is bordered on the North by the Batiquitos Lagoon and the San Elijo Lagoon to the South. These beautiful Lagoon areas are home to over 300 bird Species! The beautiful flower gardens of Quail Gardens and the Self-Realization Center are some of my favorite areas to explore and relax in. At one time Encinitas was known to be the Flower Capital of the World and Quail Gardens and surrounding flower gardens is testament to this claim. The Self-Realization Center was founded by Yoganandas and has a tropical meditation garden overlooking the crashing waves. There are koi ponds and waterfalls throughout which make this garden a very special and relaxing place.
The City of Encinitas includes the communities of Old Encinitas (coastal), New Encinitas, Olivenhain, Cardiff by the Sea, and Leucadia.

West of the Interstate 5 (West of 5)

The coastal areas of Encinitas provide the unique combination of beaches and walking districts. Encinitas has the surf culture similar to Cardiff by the Sea, its neighbor to the south. But it also has some of the best restaurants in North County, mostly right along the Hwy 101. Encinitas has a rich beach town history and culture. It is also the home of the classic auto shows of North County. If there is one town along California’s Pacific Coast Highway 101, where Old Woody owners and fans come out to every year, it’s Encinitas. Often, the show will be coordinated with the “Taste of Encinitas.” This event is where up to 110 restaurants in the walking district of Hwy 101 turn out their specialty dish to residents and guests. It’s an opportunity to go from restaurant to restaurant to taste what they are known for. You can go to your favorite spots or try a few dishes of something new. The restaurants of this area are not to be missed. Primarily an Italian food district, Coastal Encinitas offers some of the best in San Diego. A couple of my favorites. Vigilucci's and Villa Italia! There seems to be an exciting new restaurant every week opening up in downtown Encinitas. The owners of Q'ero Peruvian and South American cuisine and Solterra Winery and Kitchen are among our valued clients.

East of the Interstate 5 (East of 5)

Encinitas has come a long way. A larger coastal town, Encinitas has a large East area as well as a vibrant and exciting Coastal area. Inland, it offers some older neighborhoods with large lot sizes. Olivenhain offers equestrian and rural living. There is a large retail district found in Inland Encinitas with everything from restaurants and cafés of every flavor, to home improvement stores and even a Home Depot. The area is called the Forum and truly was designed to provide absolutely everything a resident could ever need. Coming west toward central Encinitas, Encinitas Ranch Golf Course is a gorgeous setting with wide open fairways and stunning Pacific Ocean views. The course is surrounded by one of my favorite newer Encinitas neighborhoods. Encinitas Ranch offers large homes of 3 to 7 bedrooms with stunning Golf Course and Ocean views. This area is also home to the famous Quail Botanical Gardens. La Costa Resort is one of the many golf and tennis communities of Encinitas and is also home to the famed Chopra Center founded by Deepak Chopra.

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